Outta Bronx

8877 N 107th Ave Suite 303, Peoria, AZ 85345

My friend Greg and I went to this sandwich shop for two reasons; 1) I like to eat and rate restaurants; 2) I saw all the Yelp reviews that gave it 4.5 stars, so I figured it had to be pretty good. Based on that, Greg and I met for lunch.

Upon entering, we were a little surprised by how small the interior of the space is. There are two 2-person tables on one side of the room, and a stand-up counter in front of each window, with two tables outside on the sidewalk area. However, it was too cold to sit outside. The stand-up counters at the windows would allow for 2 people each to eat their lunch. So all told, there is theoretically room for 8 people to sit down and eat lunch inside, but it would be a little tight, with room for another 4 outside.

I’m going to give the sandwiches 3.75 out of 5 stars. Let me explain why. Having never been there before, we relied on the young man at the counter to recommend the best sandwich. He recommended the chopped cheese, saying that if you walked into a traditional sandwich shop in NYC, the chopped cheese is what all of them would have on the menu. Not only was it was their biggest seller, but if he had to choose, that’s what he’d take home for dinner. Based on that recommendation, we ordered both an Empire Cheese Steak and the Chopped Cheese. They were both very tasty, and very cheesy. The bread on both was very fresh, with a light crunch on the outside. The meat was well cooked and seasoned, topped with ample cheese. The reason I only rated the sandwich as 3.75 out of 5, was because I felt for $17 each ($12.75 for the sandwich and fries and $4.25 for the drink), that there should have been more meat on the sandwich.

However, the french fries were on point! The fries were a 5 out of 5. Oh my, they were delicious! Long, thin fries that were crispy and garlicky on the outside, but soft and hot on the inside. Little pieces of garlic were stuck to the outsides and there was a generous amount of pepper on the fries that complimented the garlic well.

The service in this shop was excellent. We were asked several times if everything was okay and the owner (?) came over and told us a little about himself and where he was from. He was a very personable guy and we enjoyed talking with him. The interior of the shop, while small, was clean and bright, making for a comfortable atmosphere to eat in.

All in all, the combination of the ambience, the company, the fries and the sandwich has me rating this sandwich shop at a solid 4.25 stars out of 5. I’ll be sure to go back again…and who knows? You may very well find a podcast with the owner coming soon!