ATL Wings

13875 N 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ

Do you like spicy food? Do you dream about crispy chicken wings? Are you always looking for the greatest wing place, so that you can tell all your buddies? Well, look no further. You’ve found the best wings in the Phoenix Valley! Make sure you stop by one of 21 ATL Wings locations (ATL = All The Luv) and pick up some of the crispiest, most flavorful wings you’ve ever had in your life!

I stopped in with a friend the other day to the one on 83rd and Thunderbird. A great time to stop into this one evidently, is during lunch time, Monday – Thursday. Evidently, Friday – Sunday, this one is packed all the time. However, we stopped in on a Tuesday at noon and we had the joint to ourselves. We got our order put in and then sat back to anticipate the tasty goodness that was to be placed before us.

I ordered a dozen wings, split up into 3 different seasonings; Garlic Parmesan and Spicy ATL dry rub, and the Honey Habanero sauce. Oh my gosh!, but those wings were crispy! I don’t know how they do it, but they were magnificent! You take a bite and crunch through the skin, retrieve a bite of heavenly goodness from the bone, and the flavor just POPPED! in your mouth. It’s making my mouth water, just writing this. The Garlic Parmesan wings were delicious and flavorful. No heat, but the flavor was all there…some of the best I’ve ever had. The Honey Habanero had great flavor and a decent amount of heat. Not real bad, but enough to make it’s presence felt. If you like spicy, then you won’t have any problem with these. The Spicy ATL though…they’ll bite you! With the first one, it’ll hit you in the back of the throat, just like you want a good chile pepper to hit you. After the first one though, the heat will start to build. By the end of the 4th wing, I was sweating! I love it! That endorphin rush kicks in and you just want more. Again, they were just so flavorful! They put something in the seasoning they dust on the wings that just makes you keep licking your lips.

The fries were just as good as the wings. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra $.45 and spring for a large fry. When they call it a large fry, they weren’t kidding. This is what a large fry should be. They’re a little crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, they stay hot, and they are dusted with the same seasoning they put on the wings. You like your lips after every handful of fries, just savoring the flavor, and anticipating the next fry.

The restaurant is brand new. It’s clean, it’s bright, and it has plenty of room for a sit-down meal. The staff is super friendly and they’ll treat you right. The only thing I was disappointed about, was that they didn’t have any Kool-Aid yet. They said their machine was on the way and they’d have it soon. Other than that, I’ll give ATL Wings 5 stars all the way around! I’ll be back soon to sample the spicy chicken sandwich. Who knows? If it’s good enough (and I anticipate that it will be), we may have a blind taste test of spicy chicken sandwiches involving ATL Wings, Popeyes, Chick-Fil-A, and a couple of others. If we do, I’ll let you know here, what the results are!

So the next time you find yourself having a craving for chicken, plan a quick trip and head on over to ATL Wings! You won’t regret it!

“We find everyday people making EPIC food and drinks!”